Member Feedback Survey


Please select one of the following that best describes your involvement in the club in 2015

How long have you been associated with the club?

What do you think are the best aspects of the club?

In terms of the running of the club, what is done well?

What improvements would you like to see in the club?

Would you recommend this club to others? If no could you please indicate why not?

What do you think sets the Rebels apart from other Rugby clubs?

Do you plan on continuing your involvement with the club next year? If no, please indicate why not?

How would you describe the culture of the Riverside Rugby Club?

  • Oxford 152
  • SQP
  • Black Dog Building Projects
  • Hawthorne Garage
  • Brisbane Solar & Electrical
  • Hoppy’s Handwash Cafe
  • Good Sports
  • The Alliance Hotel
  • Walshs Chartered Accountants
  • Excell Rehab
  • Black Jacket Suiting
  • Nobul Recruitment
  • R U OK?